Friday, June 29, 2007

plates- ooh the excitement!

I picked out my "dinnerware". I really hate that term. I wanted all white plates so that I could accessorize however I want. Plus, I just really like the way food looks with a white background. I guess I've watched too much Food Network! :) It's a fairly cheap set, but I'm okay with that- I will break them anyways! :)

The great thing is that I had wonderfully generous students and their parents that spoiled me rotten on teacher appreciation day with gift cards to set up my new house/apartment (at that time I was trying to buy a duplex). So, it means that I have tons of gift cards to Pier 1, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. to set up my new place. I would never be able to afford all this stuff otherwise, so I am quite excited.

Check out my new digs!

So, I signed the lease for my new apartment. It will be the first time I will live by myself. I am so excited about it but a little nervous, too. Overall, I think it will be great. I don't move in until July 20th, though, so I have a little while to prepare. That's nice because I got rid of so much stuff when I left LaTech that I am basically starting over. I have all of the furniture and appliances, I just need things like plates and forks! :)
Here's my floorplan. I ended up getting the largest floorplan for a 1B. I love the layout- it was the deciding factor.

This is all I have for you until I move in. I'll do some before and after pics so you can see.
Until then, my friends!