Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I bid on a slipcover on ebay today. I was originally thinking of black slipcovers, but I do like this one and it's cheap (if I win it). (The loveseat I am taking has t-cushions which apparently means more expensive and hard to find. So, a good price was a big deal!)

I also picked out my flatware. To me, it's more of a long time investment than the plates, so I will spend more (still giftcards, though!) and get a higher quality set. I got a service for eight instead of four. They're also half off at Kohl's today and tomorrow! :) You know I love a bargain!

Ooh! And my plates are ready to be picked up! They weren't supposed to be at the store (good ole ship to store means free shipping!) until the week of july 11th.
Hopefully I'm not boring y'all to death. This is just quite fun for me!

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