Friday, September 19, 2008

My ten favorite things in my humble abode...

So, confession time. I'm a blog stalker. I read a lot of blogs and never comment. But, this one got me. TipJunkie is hosting her Talk to Me Tuesday and she asked you to share your ten favorite things in your house.

Things you should know before you look:
- I live in an itty bitty one bedroom apartment. I've got apartment-white walls that I can't paint. I so wish I could...
- My apt is currently a mess, so some pictures have creative angles so that you don't have to see it! :)
- I love pandas. A lot. They infiltrate my space, and I don't care. They make me happy.
- I love black, white, and red. (But, I hate white walls- if I had my way, I'd have taupe or tan walls or something similar.)
- And, last but not least, I'm not a photographer, so the lighting stinks in some of these pictures.

My top ten things in mi casa: (in no particular order)

1. My red bowl. It was a Christmas thing at Target, and I coveted it all season... and then, yes! It showed up 75% off. It became mine. And, now it has it's place of honor in my house year round.

2. My dad went to China for a month while I was in college. I was trying to limit my panda-love, but my dad knew better. He bought me this hand embroidered picture already framed and even bought an extra suitcase just to get it home to me (now, granted- he did promptly fill said suitcase up with lots of other souveneirs and stuff, but I was still impressed!)

3. My recliner. It is blue in an apartment filled with black, white, and red. It's falling apart, and the sides have been ripped open from too many moves. It was my grandmothers, and I slept in it when I was recovering from three different surgeries (two arm surgeries, one nasal septum surgery). It's the perfect size for me, and I just love it. I've promised my parents that I'll give it up soon, but I just haven't done it yet.

4. My first real piece of "art". It's a professionally (ie expensive) framed photo of Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. It's probably my favorite place in the world.

5. My mantel. It changes frequently, and is far from perfect, but I like it. The photo on the left is amazing- I got it from a vendor at Grapefest last year.

6. My cross wall. It's a little tiny wall right next to my kitchen, perfect for a little collection. All of the crosses I (or my friends and family) have acquired from all over the world. They each have a story, and I love that.

7. My DVR. I work two jobs and am always busy doing stuff, so DVR is my friend. It lets me still watch my fave shows, and when I can't sleep, my dear "friends" are always there to help out... (I guess I should have also included my TV with a sleep timer!)

8. These glass pattern ball things. I've now bought three or four different vases or bowls to put them in, and none of them are right, but I love them all the same. They are probably the most unpractical thing I have ever purchased in my life, but I don't care. I think they're cool. I just don't know how to display them. (Oh, and the panda salt and pepper shakers were an ebay find. They're quirky and cute, and I couldn't resist them. Big surprise.)

9. My laptop. I run my side business largely from this, write papers from grad school, email friends and family, blog, blogstalk, facebook, etc. I also *love* my wallpaper- you can't see it very well, but it's beautifully designed and full of inspiring and helpful quotes.

and last, but certainly not least...

10. My cat, Polly. She greets me at the front door, and then proceeds to tell me exactly how she feels about being left at home all day. She walks in on me while I'm in the bathroom, yet gets embarrassed if I walk in while she's in the litterbox. She's a conundrum, but I love her all the same.

So, that's it! Hope you enjoyed a peek at my favorite things! :)


Jen said...

Great place - you've definitely made it a home. I agree with you on the DVR - can't live without it especially when you're sharing with 3 kids :) Thanks for sharing your faves

Recyclican said...

I too am a blog-stalker, and am going to have to borrow this idea. Too bad most of my personal belongings are in Arlington! This is going to make for an interesting top-ten...

The Joneses said...

for the glass ball things: you should try getting another one, and then stack them on a square black plate or candle holder...

fun blog!

Mer said...

I'm a blog stalker too...but I'm trying to better about the commenting...which is how I found your blog! (SITS) I'm also a tip junkie junkie. :)